Lemon, Raspberry, White Chocolate Cake

lemon raspberry white chocolate cake

So this was my very first round layered cake, and my first time making chocolate curls! So much fun! I had been craving lemon for forever and thought a nice lemon-raspberry cake would hit the spot. My husband suggested the white-chocolate frosting, which turned out to be a winner. The cake is made up of a simple lemon cake mix, raspberry pie filling, and a homemade white chocolate frosting. The inside of the cake has a layer of the raspberry filling mixed with the frosting – the best part in my opinion.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Make two 9” round cakes from a lemon cake mix and pop in the oven.
  2. Whip up some white chocolate frosting! This recipe posted by Kristen was what really made this cake:
    http://comfortablydomestic.com/2011/06/28/white-chocolate-buttercream/OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. When cakes are done, use floss to remove the top of one of the cakes.
    2013-08-30 11.17.38
  4. Mix together about 1/4 can of raspberry filling mixed and about 3/4-1cup. This mixture goes in between the cake layers.
    2013-08-30 11.40.39
  5. Frost the cake!! Top with another 1/4 can of raspberry filling and white chocolate curls (if you want to get really fancy). The white chocolate curls took a little bit of practice for me to get the hang of. My husband, Kyle, was actually really good at it and helped me figure it out. We found that – 1, using a cucumber peeler is more effective than a knife and 2, you need to apply just enough pressure to get the right thickness. My problem was that I was pushing too hard and the chocolate kept breaking in my hands!! But if you don’t push hard enough then you get sad little wispy shavings. So, you just have to play around with it.
    Lemon-Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

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